It is now common to hear that traditional marketing is obsolete and that digital marketing is what really works.

“To clearly understand the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, it is important to know the concepts of both types of marketing.”

Traditional marketing: also known as offline marketing focuses primarily on sales, focusing its mechanisms of action on the product or service. Its channels of action are conventional media such as direct sales, press, radio, television, fairs and exhibitions, advertisements or printed materials.

Digital marketing: It is based on using the most appropriate techniques within the digital medium to develop direct and personal communication with users. Their channels of action are all those that can be found on the internet such as social media, e-mail marketing, and others.


In traditional marketing, the communication is applied where the user is completely passive. Where a message is directed through mass media in order to influence their purchase and the recipient does not have the ability to generate a direct response to the company. It tells a story from the company to the customers.

In digital marketing the communication is interactive, allowing direct interaction between the company and the user almost immediately, this type of communication allows the generation of customer relationships and adapt behavior based on the person with whom is interacting. Dialogues are created, to generate trust and credibility.


Traditional marketing is done based on classic attributes such as age, geographical location, salary, among others. On the other hand digital marketing is based primarily on interests, as well as on demographic characteristics that allow greater accuracy to reach the target audience. 


One of the main advantages that digital marketing offers in relation to traditional marketing is the fact that it does not require large sums of money for its application, being less expensive is usually the preferred option of small and medium companies, besides this type of marketing can be developed by the entrepreneur himself, with basic knowledge and creativity, it is not usually necessary to hire a separate service. For its part, traditional marketing requires the investment of large sums of money for the recruitment of advertising space in the media, whether television, radio or printed material.

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