Geo-targeting refers to the practice of delivering different content or advertisements to consumers based on their geographic locations. This can be done on the city or zip code level via IP address or device ID, or on a more granular level through GPS signals, geo-fencing, and more.

Evolve7 Digital marketing offers a full spectrum of strategic, creative and results-driven leverage of digital assets for Geo-targeting. We always start with a discussion and analysis of your current online opportunities to drive leads and sales revenue.

Benefits of Geo-targeting

Connects you with your exact consumers

Generates higher conversion rates

Saves you money

Connects you with the mobile consumer

Helps generate higher revenues

Delivers higher ROI from your campaigns

Can help you compete with large corporations

How can we do it? Just to name a few can help you with:

Facebook geo-targeted ads

Geo-fencing display ads

Geo-fencing mobile ads

Geo-targeted Google ads

Geo-targeted Snapchat ads

Hyper local geo-targeted ads

Let Evolve7 Digital Marketing help with a strategy and action plan to drive more leads and more sales revenue from new customers for your business.

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