Targeted Display

Online advertising campaigns can and will improve the visibility of your product and brand resulting in increased sales. A great way to do it is with Google Display Ads. With a powerful system that reaches more than 2 million websites and 90 percent of internet users, the Google Display Network can get your ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe.

We all are aware of how media consumption is changing. While traditional media still provides value, new online, digital and social media have forever changed the game and offer powerful new capabilities to reach consumers where they dwell today. Digital display ads are a great option to put your brand in front of people, and even better, in front of the right people.

Here are just a few of the ways we can build targeted Google Display Network custom audiences:

By interest – Build what Google Adwords dubs an “affinity” audience, by targeting users who have shown interest in brands, sites, products or services that are similar to yours. Just choose the specific interests/topics that are relevant—including anything from fashion and travel to pets and cars—and let Google determine who’s best to show your ads to.

By demo – Choose age, gender, marital status, geographic location (geo-targeted), device and even whether the user is a parent or not. Select as many attributes as you like, and really hone in on the audience that will be most effective for your brand.

By activity – Thanks to cookies, the Display Network can tell when users browse certain pages, fill out a form, purchase a product, abandon their shopping cart or complete some other action on your site. You can use this data to put your advertising spend to good work.

Also, with a strategy called “remarketing,” you can then reach back to these past visitors—ones you know have a genuine interest in your brand—with a targeted message that draws them back in.

Most importantly, we monitor, amplify and optimize your campaigns to deliver the largest, relevant audience at the lowest cost. Let Evolve7 share how you can leverage these platforms to increase leads and sales revenue for your business.

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