Mobile-Friendly Sites

Mobile-Friendly Sites

We ensure that our websites are mobile-friendly sites which are fully functional on all mobile devices and operating systems.  Phones and tablets give us the power of computers in the palm of our hands. Never in history has it been easier to browse, collaborate, interact, shop, and find information. Don’t let your business suffer because of a faulty mobile site.

Search Engine Watch has reported that mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. Yelp reports that 55% of all searches come from mobile devices.

Here are 5 benefits of a mobile optimized website:

  1. Improved User Experience
  2. Increased Average Time on Site
  3. Faster Website Load Speed
  4. Improved Mobile SEO
  5. Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitor

As pointed out, mobile websites are important if your business wants to acquire more customers and increase sales. Staying ahead of the curve with a mobile optimized website is going to enable your company to do just that.

Let Evolve7 share how you can leverage these platforms to increase leads and sales revenue for your business. Click here to arrange a no-obligation review of your needs and opportunities. Or you can simply call us at 915-313-4038.